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Smothered Slave - My Caged Pet
Upgraded video quality: 640x480! My caged pet, Ashley, has been denied orgasm for 14 days and if she wants to cum, she has to first satisfy her Mistress. She has to worship Natali's feet, hold her breath for a longer and longer period of time, and eat Natali's ass. Then she is smothered in ass, breasts and pussy and told she is not worthy. She is spanked until tears form in her eyes and forced to beg to pleasure her Mistress with a butt plug deep in her ass, in Natali's first anal scene!

Naughty Nurse
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Buff blonde babe smothers her patient in the bedroom

Babe in Stockings
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Signal to a more Suffocating Future
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Sexy vicious babes seek to embolden smothering enthusiasts and create a better world where suffocators can truly prosper

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Sexy white soul sister share a terrorist fist jab to celebrate their suffocation triumph

Smothering we can Believe in
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These bitches signal change and hope for smothering in America

Smother the Leader
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Layla Jade will fuck you up and smother you with her ass is she does not receive total obedience

Smother central
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Hungry Layla Jade pounces on her victim and employs brutal smothering tricks

Fix Eine Cable?
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this repairman gets more than he bargains for when Layla traps his face between her lush titties

Queen Layla Smothers
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Fun to Smother
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Jacklyn loves to abuse her boyfriend and play at suffocating him to death

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Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
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