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Smothered Slave - The Overzealous Manager
Boss Gianna hears a rumor about Natali's askew managing techniques of sexual punishment. Gianna is boss and she doesn't appreciate Natali taking matters into her own hands. She grabs her, handgags her and tells her how things are going down in her office. She ties her up and smashes her pantyhose ass in her face over and over. Finding it difficult to breathe, Natali tries to explain the situation. Gianna taunts her and smashes her ass and huge tits in her face. Then she removes most her clothes, ties her on the desk and administers more painful facesitting and puts a clothespin zipper on Natali pussy and vibes her to orgasm. Gianna is brutal and relentless - she is one of the best facesitters on this site!

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Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
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