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Poor slob wakes up cuffed to a bench in the locker room as two leather goddesses arrive to play bad cop/bad cop. They smother him together as he lays helpless and pathetic. Watch as the poor slob gets smothered in four titties not to mentioned forced to worship their hot leather clad asses

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Keeani & Claire
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

Keeani comes to Mistress Claire for training to be a more sexually aggressive woman. Keeani is as innocent as they come and hasn't built up the confidence to kiss her boyfriend yet. Mistress Claire can help with that. She ties her up, and teaches her a lesson: if your boyfriend won't eat your pussy, sit on his face! In a strict lesson about breathplay, facesitting, pain, and interrogation techniques Claire ends up hooking up with Keeani's boyfriend and fucking him herself. She then returns with a strapon and fucks Keeani's every hole to stretch her out for her well-hung boyfriend!

Ryder Skye & Natali
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

Ryder enters the dungeon for a movie audition. She walks right into Natali's trap and she convinces her that if she wants a lead part, she has to do anything Natali wants. Worried, but not having a choice, Ryder agrees. Natali starts with breast smothering, then spanking while Ryder is trapped in a stockade. Next, she is spread eagle with her neck and wrists in the stockade so Natali can sit on her face and make her get her off. Poor Ryder is used as Natali's plaything as she gets off on her face. Some rough breast flogging leave Ryder bruised and not feeling like she got the better side of the bargin!

Loren Chance, Darling & Natali
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

Loren and Darling catch Natali stealing a set of markers and decide this little thief needs a lesson. They grab her and tie her down to the desk and begin a strip search, making sure to check every hole and they agree they need to use her for their own pleasure. Darling sits on Natali's face while Loren goes down on her and finger fucks her pink hole. Then they switch positions, however Natali isn't getting out that easily. After some rimming of Loren's ass, she comments that Darling was taking from petty cash. Darling gets pissed and doesn't take any more lip from Loren. She grabs her and ties her elbows up tight and forces her face into Natali's wet crotch. She humiliates both girls by writing on them with permanent marker: bitch, theif, ass licker, whore!

Binx & Natali Demore
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

Natali makes a personal visit to Binx, who hasn't been paying her back for the money she's borrowed. Figuring the only way to get through to a shop-aholic is to take all her new purchases and make her give sexual service. Binx learns the hard way, including facesitting, panty-gags, hand over mouth breath play, spanking and forced pussy eating. When Natali comes back with more ropes, Binx had better be scared. She's left there tied up for her boyfriend to find her!

Ashley Edmonds & Natali
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

My caged pet, Ashley, has been denied orgasm for 14 days and if she wants to cum, she has to first satisfy her Mistress. She has to worship Natali's feet, hold her breath for a longer and longer period of time, and eat Natali's ass. Then she is smothered in ass, breasts and pussy and told she is not worthy. She is spanked until tears form in her eyes and forced to beg to pleasure her Mistress with a butt plug deep in her ass, in Natali's first anal scene!!!

Annabelle & Natali
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

Natali is hosting a halloween party but when Lydia arrives, she catches her stealing her ipod. She's got two choices: go to the cops or let Natali have her way with her. Lydia figures Natali will let her off easy, but that was probably a poor decision! Natali can't wait to smother Lydia with her pantyhosed pussy, stretch her nipples, tie her up and sit on her face..

Veronica Rayne & Natali Demore
6 Smothered Slaves Clips

Veronica is in denial that she's a lesbian, so her Mom takes her to see her psychiatrist in a mental hospital where she is prescribed a visit from Madame N. Madame N has a very special way of treating difficult patients. She is a dominatrix and the only way to get Veronica to accept who she is requires some smothering. Veronica is tied up in a strait jacket to the bed where her treatment includes hand over mouth breath play, nose pinching and facesitting. She is very resistant at first, so Madame N has to kick up the treatment schedule. Instead of putting her on meds, this way is much more sane when Madame N is in control. Veronica is then tied up in a crab and frog position and then ordered to lick ass, pussy and polish Madame N's boots with her tongue

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
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