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Poor slob wakes up cuffed to a bench in the locker room as two leather goddesses arrive to play bad cop/bad cop. They smother him together as he lays helpless and pathetic. Watch as the poor slob gets smothered in four titties not to mentioned forced to worship their hot leather clad asses

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Pure Smothering - SHORT OF BREATH
Check out this video clip of two sexy roommates getting dirty with their smothering fantasies. Featuring a beautifully built buxom blonde dominating her sweet little partner with her gorgeous tits, then cutting off her air with her big round ass. These sexy vixens keep up the asphyxiation games, grinding their pussies into each others faces until they are gasping for air.
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Kendra & Natali
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Kendra seeks to find the She-Devil deep in her cave but she is captured and the She-Devil is strong. She ties her up and hand gags her and raises her legs in the air so she can't escape. To win over her prey, the She-Devil smothers them and eventually turns them over to her side. After much facesitting, smothering, hand over mouth gagging and forcing to lick her pussy, Kendra is then tied standing wearing a nude bodystocking and ballgagged, her pussy and breasts are spanked with a crop and the She-Devil spreads her evil seed and goes down on Kendra. The lies and deceit will spread now that Kendra is turned over to the dark side. What lies ahead for those that try to come after them?

Jada Fire & Natali
16 Smothered Slaves Pics

Jada Fire and Natali just returned from the best blind date they ever had. The instant attraction leads them into Natali's bedroom where they begin making out. Natali wants to know Jada's deep dark fantasies but she's a little embarrased so Natali goes first and tells Jada she's really into bondage and so is Jada. Finally Jada admits that smothering is her fetish and she would like Natali to sit on her face. After a really great and loooong smothering session with rimming, Natali decides she wants to try it too. After tying her up good, Jada sits on Natali's face and makes her cum over and over with the hitachi

Annabelle & Natali
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Day 1: Annabelle, the cop, has been abducted by Natali and tied up in her basement for her amusement. Is Natali hiding some dark secret? Day 2: Annabelle is tied in a frogtie and Natali sits on her face and plugs her nose while she wears a pump gag. Day 3: Annabelle is tied spread eagle and forced to worship Natali's big breasts and pretty feet. She smothers her again with her ass. Day 5: There's no escape for Annabelle as she is tied with legs spread wide with the spreader bar, her arms tied tightly behind her head. Dental gagged and she's fucked with a dildo on a stick. Will she ever escape or will she continue to be under Natali's ass, day after day?

Jada Fire & Cindy Crawford
16 Smothered Slaves Pics

Before leaving for the night, Cindy finds Jada, her boss, tied up and gagged on the factory floor. Finding this opportunity too good, she fucks with Jada and makes her bitch boss pay. She makes her suck her pussy and ass, fucks with her tits and gives her the ultimate mind fuck. She ties her up with her legs spread laying down and sits on her face again and again. Jada feels so subordinate being used this way and there's an interesting ending

Berlin & Natali
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Berlin wants to stop smoking for her new girlfriend who refuses to kiss a smoker. She's tried everything: the gum, the patch but nothing works. In desperation, she seeks out Natali at the Experimental Non-Smoking clinic. Her methods are a little unconventional, and Natali hates smokers. She starts out by having her strip, then complelety mummifies her from head to toe in red seran wrap. Electrodes are connected to each of her breasts and the first lesson is to teach Berlin to appreciate fresh air with a little facesitting breathplay. Next, she tortures Berlin's hands so they are so sore she cannot hold a cigarette

Ashley Edmonds & Natali
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Adorable and sexy, Ashley Edmonds, is a big fan of my sites, and she contacts me to do a shoot. After looking at her photos, I agree and we do this session together while her husband watches! She has never beed tied up before and she is ecstatic to be able to worship me. I start by tying her up standing until her feet hurt in 5" heels, my hand over her mouth breathplay, and cropping her breasts. Then I lay her down, her arms over-head, pulling a tight crotch rope into her sore pussy and sit on her face for the hottest facesitting I've ever done! Then I bring out my favorite vibrator and fuck it in front of her face, teasing her. I let her taste my pussy juice on the vibrator then let her fuck me with it. Then if she begs me enough, I'll let her eat my ass

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
Savannah is enjoying taunting her chastity slave the possibility of release. She takes a cane to his swollen and aching balls, laughing at his desperation. Then she lights a cigarette. Should she let him out or should she not, she muses as she takes a drag from her smoke. Then gives the bitch several more strokes with the cane and puts her red hot cigarette out on his balls. The satisfaction Savannah takes in dangling the possibility of release all the while beating and burning the bitch's balls is classic. * 9 Sadistic Minutes*

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