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Poor slob wakes up cuffed to a bench in the locker room as two leather goddesses arrive to play bad cop/bad cop. They smother him together as he lays helpless and pathetic. Watch as the poor slob gets smothered in four titties not to mentioned forced to worship their hot leather clad asses

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Smothered Slave - Anaconda vs. Wonder Girl
The evil villainness, Anaconda, is developing a super virus to turn the world into her own snake-like children. Wondergirl has come in to stop her, but is it too late? Anaconda knocks her out and ties up the superheroine and smothers her with her super crushing powers. Wondergirl is crushed by Anaconda's tits, ass and is smothered by hand over mouth and nose pinching. She is collared and leashed like a common pet and used. Will Wondergirl ever escape?

Megan & Natali
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Megan has a hot date and she comes to her roommate, Natali for advice on what shoes to wear. She goes for the black ones but Natali tells her if she really wants to catch a guys eye she should wear nylons. Preferably pantyhose and stockings on top. Then she tells her that her new boyfriend is into smothering, and would Natali know anything about that? Does she! Natali shoves her on the bed and she shows her exactly how to smother a guy, with pussy, ass and pantyhosed feet. Natali is wearing a full body black stocking. Natali instructs Megan how to lick ass, lick pussy and get Natali off again and again. After Natali is done smothering Megan Monroe in her pussy, then she gets out more pantyhose and starts to encase her from head to foot. She packs her mouth with a pantyhose, cleave gags her, then adds another pantyhose gag on top of it and a pantyhose on her head. Now she's really encased in pantyhose. Natali then sits on her face, smothers her with her ass then uses the vibe on herself for an orgasm, then vibes Megan's clit until she cums

Krissy & Natali
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Natali, a private investigator, has captured Krissy for a private client but she can't deliver her until after dark or risk blowing her cover. So the two of them have all afternoon to get acquainted. Of course, Natali has to keep her captive tied up and feeling especially horny after a long day investigating, she's ready for some R&R. She puts Krissy to work, using her face to sit on and then tells her to lick her pussy. She doesn't do so willingly, so Natali removes her panties and puts them in her mouth. She also wants her to eat her ass and to get her to comply Natali brings out some clothespins for her breasts. After making her shove her own panties in her mouth, she tells her to bend over the chair and finger her ass. After she's good and loose, Natali hands her a vibrating butt plug to insert deep into her ass hole. Then Natali pulls her hair and puts her ass in Krissy's face, then tells her to lick her ass hole clean. After she cums, its onto the next challenge. Krissy is tied up on the bench with ass in the air for a good anal strapon fucking. After she sucks on her cock for a while, pinching her nose then she fucks her hard. Her ass is taken. Then its time for her delivery. She is tied up with chest harness, and thighs together and walked out to the car with just a jacket hiding her bondage

Berlin & Aiden & Natali
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Aiden and Natali are making out while waiting for the sales lady to give them a home demonstration of sensual products. When she comes in, they check out her body and decide they want to make a move on her. While showing off the products, they grab Berlin, tie her up and take turns sitting on her face and using the fetish craby toy on her to make her cum. Then they take her into the next room where they bend her over the pool table and Aiden tries out the "Share" double dildo from She begins fucking her doggy while Natali smothers her with her wet pussy. Berlin then has to suck her pussy juice off the toy while Natali pinches her nose for more breathplay fun.

Brooke & Rachel
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Brooke is a rich bitch with a basement dungeon and a full time maid to clean it. She wears skimpy lingerie around her maid and has phone sex with her lesbian lover making her maid Very uncomfortable. But her maid is on probation and Brooke has complete control over her. One little screw up and its back to the slammer. Brooke enjoys taunting her maid and decides to use her for her own pleasure. She ties her up and makes her worship her ass, smothers her with her pussy and breasts. She is forced to strip out of her cute maid uniform and learns many things from her boss. She fucks her with a double ended 12" dildo for a dual fuck. Then she straps her elbows tight and she has her maid service her with a dildo gag. She does some hand over mouth (HOM) and nose pinching breathplay

Rucca & Natali
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Rucca Page suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her, and she asks her friend Natali for advice. Natali demonstrates with her friend, pretending she is her boyfriend and ties her up and begins to get rough. She plays with her big natural breasts and sits on her face. She then makes Rucca suck and fuck her strapon then leave to take a shower. Rucca gets out of her bonds and shows Natali what happens when a woman is scorned! Rucca grabs me and, despite my struggles, she smothers me with her breasts. She sits on my face and makes me beg to lick her snatch. After lots of ass smothering and forced ass licking, she ties me in a suspension with just my knees touching the bed and she puts a a dildo gag on my face. She fucks my dildoed face in and out until she cums

Kina & Natali
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Kina is kidnapped by a sorority sister for her initiation. She is hooded and hogtied onscreen with duct tape. She's taught how to be a good sorority sister and if she wants to stay in the sorority she has to please her fellow sister with pussy licking. Instead of a spanking, Natali decides to wrap Kina's arms up in white wrap and make her sit on the star fuck fucking machine. While she is forced to cum over and over, Natali plays breathplay games with her. Hand over mouth and nose pinching for Kina. Kina then jumps Natali and gives her payback. Natali is now mummified from the neck down in black plastic wrap. Kina puts electro pads on Natali pussy and electro clamps on her nipples then sits on her face and makes her eat her pussy until she cums. Interview and behind the scenes included

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
Savannah whips her bitch. She beams as she delivers one brute force lash after another with her bull whip and single tail. Red and purple welts rise up on the slut's body. Savannah laughs at the slut cries for mercy. She enjoys his suffering as she continues to administer the cruel beating. Finally Savannah walks off. The slut sighs with relief. She picks up her whip and fires off another round of cruel lashes, cutting into the slut's flesh!

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